4 Top Trends in the Contact Center Industry for 2018

February 5, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

This article posts the trends and updates for contact centers for 2018. There are several findings that are quite significant to note.

It  can cause anxiety when one comes to think contact center agents can be replaced by robots in the future. As of the moment, some industry research posts that  29% of a job of an agent can be replaced by a robot. 

However, there are certain tasks that a robot cannot do such as answering to a complaint made by a customer. This is clearly the job of  a contact center agent. 

Another key finding is that contact center agents are mostly composed of millennials. This group of people desires constant feedback. Thus, employers should make constant feedback a part of their SOP. 

Some key findings can be read from the article.  Read on for more. – Lornajane Altura




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