Machines: The Contact Center’s Ally in Customer Service

February 5, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Millennials comprise the large bulk of customers who communicate with contact centers. WIth their distinct habits that are unique compared to previous generations, contact centers have to align the way they deal with the majority of their clients.

The great news is that machines are now allies of customer service. As customer service has become multi-dimensional and is not limited to voice and talk features, contact centers have to rethink the whole customer service provision.

The article emphasizes the data that shows millennials being comfortable when it comes to dealing with chatbots when they escalate their concerns. 

The advancement of technology has produced sensors ranging from image sensors, voice to biometric ones. All of these can be integrated with the current products and services of a contact center. When these are put into use, customer service is excellent. ~~Lornajane Altura


Read the source article at Make Communicating Seamless

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