Gamification in Call Centers

February 19, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Have you heard of Role Playing Games? Most of us have. It is a type of game where players portray a character in a game world. How about Gamification? It is a new management / organizational concept to turn boring repetitive work into a game.

Gamers understand the word “grinding.” It is when players do something repetitive to achieve a certain goal. Gamification is the same, it turns workers “daily grind” into a game like structure with goals and rewards.

Digital chalk has interesting figures about the success of gamification. It states that more than 70% of the worlds top 2000 companies have implemented gamification projects. It also claims that “gamer-workers” are happier and more productive.

Call centers are some of the most repetitive work not yet taken over by machines. The article shows how gamification can be used in a call center environment.
– Miyagi Kazuki

Read the source article at Call Center Software Solutions

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